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Leader-Daughter New Year, New You 01/15/16

Fri Jan 15, 6:00 PM - Fri Jan 15, 9:30 PM
Balboa Campus
Leadership Training
Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Volunteers

Leader’s daughters often fall into a semi-leadership position because of their parent’s volunteer position with their troop, and also end up sharing their mom or dad with all their friends. This can be stressful, even for strong young Girl Scouts! The following event allows leaders and their daughters to bond while gaining useful tools, skills and strategies to take back to their troop. Get in on the fun at one of our next leader-daughter training events.


Celebrate the New Year with your Girl Scout sisters! This event focuses on resources for self-improvement, health and wellness that also relate to Girl Scout program materials. We can show you how to connect with community partners in order to fulfill Journey and badge requirements.