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Adventure Zone

Certified staff will engage your group in problem solving, communication and team building activities. Girls test their courage and build confidence in a safe, supportive environment. They'll challenge themselves with team-focused games, complete problem solving initiatives and attempt low elements. Girl Scout Juniors (participants currently in 4th grade) and older can tackle the new 40-foot climbing tower.

Answers to frequently asked questions:


What is the Adventure Zone?

Physically, the Adventure Zone is a creative combination of logs, platforms, ropes, games, and activities. The aim of many of the activities is to allow the individual to see themselves and their team as increasingly capable and competent. By paying close attention to progression, and starting with ground games and initiatives, groups and individuals feel confident graduating to activities which involve some physical or emotional risk. When sharing individual successes and setbacks with a supportive team, participants gain self-esteem and practice working successfully in a group.


Who can participate?

Participants currently in 2nd grade or older (Brownies and up) can participate in all ground and low-element activities. Participants currently in 4th grade (Juniors) or older can participate in all activities including the climbing tower. Girls must officially be Juniors as designated by Girl Scouts of the USA in order to meet the minimum requirement for the climbing tower. Participants younger than 2nd grade (Daisies) are not recommended for the Adventure Zone as outlined by the Safety Activity Checkpoints.

If you have a mixed-age group which includes at least one Brownie, the entire group will participate at the Brownie level. This means that the group activities will be tailored to include the younger participants. In order to maintain team spirit, the group will not climb the climbing tower.


How do I sign up?

To register for an Adventure Zone Session:

1. Contact or (619) 610-0690 for available dates. If you have specific dates you are interested in, please include them in the email.

2. Once your date has been confirmed, the Adventure Zone Coordinator will send how-to instructions to reserve and pay for the Adventure Zone.

3. Once we have received your reservation and payment, you will receive a Confirmation Packet. You will be responsible for the entire contents of the packet.


The Confirmation Packet will include: information about the session, what to bring and wear, forms for each participant to complete (Health History, Permission Slip, Participant Information & Release of Liability).

Please note: Because Girl Scouts will be providing two trained facilitators for the Adventure Zone session, we ask that you book at least one month in advance.



How long is a session? How much does it cost?

The Adventure Zone is a progressive experience in which each activity builds on the previous. All participants must commit to the entire designated time period. This gives participants the best leadership and team building opportunities plus new found confidence and team spirit!

Troops and groups can choose from the following sessions:

Two-Hour Sampler Session — For Brownies (currently in 2nd grade) and older

Includes all ground activities and low elements. (May include the TP Shuffle, Don't Rock the Boat, Traverse Wall.)

$8 per participant (Groups must pay for a minimum of 10 participants. If you have a group of less than 10, you will still be required to pay the session fee minimum.)
$80 per session (Includes up to 10 participants) — each additional participant is $8.

Four-Hour Session — For Juniors (currently in 4th grade) and older

Includes all ground activities, low elements, and the 40-foot climbing tower.

$12 per participant (Groups must pay for a minimum of 10 participants. If you have a group of less than 10, you will still be required to pay the session fee minimum.)
$120 per session (Includes up to 10 participants) — each additional participant is $12.

Session time blocks are generally from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. However, this may vary.

If you would like to customize a session, bring your nonprofit staff, or bring a corporate group to the Adventure Zone, please contact or (619) 610-0690.


How many participants can attend at once?

Each session is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.


What is the minimum number of participants?

The minimum number of participants is 10. Please note that although a session can be scheduled for less than 10 participants, the session fee minimum will be for 10 participants.


What is the cancellation policy?

Groups can cancel or make changes to their reservation up until 30 days prior to the session. All changes must be received in writing within 30 days prior to the session date.

In the event that weather makes it impossible or unsafe to use the Adventure Zone (as determined by the facilitators), alternate ground-based teambuilding activities will be provided in an appropriate, covered area. Sessions will be refunded only in the event that the facilitators are unable to provide an alternate teambuilding session.


Where is the Adventure Zone?

The Adventure Zone is located at the Girl Scouts San Diego Balboa Campus on Level 3 (Cabin 3 Level). Cabin 3 is located off of Richmond Street (south of Upas Street). Please see directions below:

From 163 N: Exit 1C to merge onto Richmond Street towards the Zoo and Museums. Turn left at the first driveway. If you find yourself at a stop sign, you have gone too far.

From 163 S: Exit 2A towards Washington St. East. Keep left at the fork and following signs for University Ave. Turn left on 9th Ave. Turn left on University Ave. Turn right onto Richmond St. Continue on Richmond St. Once you pass Upas St, Cabin 3 will be the 3rd driveway on the right.


Can encampments participate in the Adventure Zone?

Yes! Please contact or (619) 610-0690 for more information.


Can corporate or nonprofit groups participate?

Yes! Please contact or (619) 610-0690 for more information.


Who are the facilitators?

The certified facilitators include both Girl Scout staff and volunteers who have completed a 40-hour training course and participate in ongoing trainings. In order to ensure you the best experience, each facilitator has been chosen for their abilities in working with groups and is skilled in tailoring activities specific for your team's needs.


Can two troops sign up?

You can sign up as many troops as you like so long as the total number of participants does not exceed 20.


What do I need to bring the day of the session?

Please bring the completed paperwork as outlined in the Confirmation Packet. You will receive a Confirmation Packet once you register. The paperwork includes a Permission Form, Health History, and the Participant Information and Release of Liability form. If a participant does not have the completed forms, they will not be permitted to participate in the activities.

Snacks are not provided so plan on eating before or after the event. Many troops and groups bring snacks to hand out halfway through the session. If you want a snack break during the session, please include that information on the needs assessment form or let the facilitators know the day of the session.

All participants should bring water (refillable water bottles are great!) and sunscreen/sun protection.


What should I wear?

Participants should wear comfortable T-shirts, long pants, lace-up/closed-toe athletic shoes, and a sweatshirt/jacket depending on the weather. Please wear comfortable flexible clothing that is not too baggy. Participants are required to wear pants and closed-toe shoes. Hiking and workout clothes are perfect! If a participant does not meet the requirements for proper shoes, the facilitators reserve the right to ask the participant to skip the climbing portion.


Can a session be tailored to my group?

Each session is individually designed for your specific group! You may have goals in mind, such as working on team communication skills, reducing cliques, encouraging team spirit, or enhancing listening skills. Each group will submit a needs assessment form to the Program Specialist at least twoweeks prior to the scheduled session. If anyone in the group requires special accommodations please call us and we can work with you to plan the best Adventure Zone experience for your entire team.