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Teen Leadership

Cadettes-Ambassadors (grades 6-12): Want to get involved with Girl Scouts beyond your troop or service unit? Check out these opportunities to take the lead, meet fun people and make a difference locally, nationally and globally!

Girl Advisory Board (grades 10-12)


Girl Scouts San Diego’s Girl Advisory Board (GAB) is a girl-led group designed to enhance teen leadership in order to make changes in our community, inside and outside of Girl Scouts, by working with our executive team. GAB members educate one another on diverse topics in order to implement change and become selfless leaders. They create presentations, workshops, and lesson plans on relevant topics and, most importantly, chat with Girl Scouts leadership about their experiences as teenagers in today’s society.

GAB members make at least a one-year commitment to the group, including:

  • Serving as a spokeswoman to the Cadette-Ambassador community
  • Attending monthly meetings with the group
  • Jumpstarting campaigns to raise awareness about what’s happening in Girl Scouting as well as the wider community for girls and women
  • Participating in occasional opportunities in addition to scheduled meetings

Girls who participate in GAB are Seniors and Ambassadors with their fingers on the pulse of today’s teen community, who are passionate about raising their voices and taking action to address key issues for girls. These young ladies exude courage, confidence and character and are eager to work with our executive team and each other to make their world a better place.

Applications go live each fall.

Questions: Steph Dawes, (619) 610-0792

Global Arms of Advocacy (grades 9-12)


Global Arms of Advocacy is a safe, collaborative space where older girls educate themselves and their peers on local and global contemporary issues relevant to women and girls, with the ultimate goal of facilitating a year-end summit. Meeting topics may include (but are not limited to) women's health and education (e.g. sex education, STIs, HIV/AIDS), feminism, privilege and stigma, human trafficking, sexual health, gender and sexuality, mental health and violence against women.  Girls grow in a challenge-by-choice environment and take steps to tackle women’s oppression and its consequences with other older girls from all over the county.

The girls involved make at least a one-year commitment to the group, attend monthly meetings, are actively involved in social media conversations, facilitate biannual awareness events and occasionally participate in additional planning and events outside of scheduled meetings. Meetings feature guest speakers, community outreach, films, interactive activities, field trips and opportunities to facilitate discussions among the group and with peers, as well as speaking and presentation opportunities throughout the year.

Girls involved in Global Arms of Advocacy have:

  • Pursued Gold Awards and college paths based on their work in this group
  • Interacted with lively guest speakers from various community organizations
  • Presented workshops to their peers and fellow students
  • Attended United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women in New York City as youth delegates (2009, 2016)
  • Represented teens as panelists at Girl Scouts San Diego’s Conversations of Consequence on women’s inequality and economic empowerment

Participants are selected based on a peer-led application process. Applications go live each fall.

Questions: Steph Dawes, (619) 610-0792

Technovation Challenge (grades 6-12)


Become a technology entrepreneur and develop a mobile app prototype that solves a real problem. Join a Girl Scout team in the Technovation Challenge to code for change, inspired by the United Nation's Global Goals.

Work in a team of up to five girls with the help of mentors from around San Diego. Choose an issue you’re passionate about that involves peace, poverty, equality or the environment.

  1. Design and build a mobile app prototype, with the help of mentors from around San Diego.
  2. Conduct market research and financial analysis.
  3. Pitch your app to prospective investors and receive feedback and ideas from technology industry professionals.

Commitment: 40-60 hours (2-4 guided hours per week from Thursday, Jan. 18 through Wednesday, April 25, 2018). No coding or app development experience is necessary.

Apply now to Technovation Challenge! 2018 applications are due on Friday, January 5th. Please send application to Michaela Butler at

 Questions: Michaela Butler, (619) 610-0813 OR Heather Fryant at (619) 610-0827

Teen leadership events

Connect with other older girls at events for teen Girl Scouts.

 Emerging Leaders
 Camp Exec
 Empowerment Theatre
 State of the Girl