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STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)

Girl Scouts introduces girls of every age to STEAM experiences relevant to everyday life. Whether it's discovering how a car's engine runs, learning how to manage finances or exploring careers in STEAM fields, girls are fast-forwarding into the future.

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STEAM in badges and Journeys

Over the course of the It's Your Planet — Love It! Journey series ...

Daisies explore the world of nature.

Brownies learn about the water cycle

Juniors complete energy audits in buildings.

Cadettes assess air quality.

Seniors calculate their "food print" and learn kitchen science as they prepare a locavore meal.

Ambassadors do the math to figure out how much trash is created and how to reduce it.

Many badges involve STEAM in some way — for example, the Cook, Artist and Athlete Legacy badges include STEAM activities. And some badge categories are inherently tied into STEAM.

Digital Art badges help girls build valuable technology skills. These badges include Computer Expert (Brownie), Digital Photographer (Junior), Digital Movie Maker (Cadette) and Website Designer (Senior).

Financial Literacy badges prepare girls for a sound financial future. Girls learn how to save, spend and give to others. These 13 badges for grades K-12 include Money Manager (Brownie), Philanthropist (Brownie), Financing My Future (Senior) and Good Credit (Ambassador), among others.

Innovation badges get girls to solve problems using methods from many fields, such as anthropology, engineering, graphic design and business. Girls earn Inventor (Brownie), Product Designer (Junior), Entrepreneur (Cadette) and Social Innovator (Senior).

Naturalist badges invite girls to explore the outdoors. As girls learn to love nature, they're inspired to protect the environment. Brownies-Ambassadors can earn a Naturalist badge: Bugs (Brownie), Flowers (Junior), Trees (Cadette), Sky (Senior) and Water (Ambassador).

Science and Technology badges connect girls to science topics they love — video game development, the physics of roller coasters or technologies used to create new fabrics. These badges include Home Scientist (Brownie), Entertainment Technology (Junior), Science of Happiness (Cadette) and Science of style (Senior).

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STEAM volunteer opportunities

Service unit teams: If you'd like to learn more about STEAM opportunities, submit a staff request for your next meeting.

Generation STEM, a report from the Girl Scout Research Institute, examines girls' interest and engagement in STEM. With input from 1,000 girls ages 8-18 nationwide, the study reveals that girls need more exposure and adult support to carry their interest in STEM fields and careers into the future.

Volunteers Can Do It! With funding from the Noyce Foundation, GSUSA and Techbridge developed and implemented the Engineer Your Journey (EYJ) program. Learn how the program exposed more girls to STEM fields by strengthening Girl Scout volunteers' skills and readiness to lead STEM-related activities.